Dresner Advisory Services recently released their “2019 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study Report,” their 10th edition to focus on BI ”…adoption and deployment, staffing, budgets, technology, state of data, action on insights, and success with BI….” Just by virtue of the name, business intelligence sounds intriguing – and as members of the IT community, we understand the importance of business intelligence to all aspects of the organization – so how do you get the buy-in you need from management to incorporate BI and move toward digital transformation? Dresner wisdom can help.

Why buy into BI?
“Improving revenues using BI is now the most popular objective enterprises are pursuing in 2019.”

Using BI to bring together data sets from different areas of the company (i.e. manufacturing, supply chain, inventory) creates a woven mesh of valuable information easily turned into profit when analysed.

Who are the key drivers?
“Operations, executive management, finance, and sales are primarily driving business intelligence (BI) adoption throughout enterprises today.”

Once you’ve established that BI data can be converted to profit, those most likely to support your BI campaign (according to Dresner) are those areas of the company concerned with decision making, cost-savings, competitive advantage, customer service and risk management.

Who drives the drivers?
“Tech companies’ operations and sales teams are the most effective at driving BI adoption across industries surveyed, with advertising driving BI adoption across marketing.”

Now that you’ve identified and ideally gotten buy-in from key BI stakeholders in the organization, it’s time to involve a tech company who can guide you through the process of deployment, advise you on the best way to optimize your system and integrate BI functions with existing programs and will continue to partner with you and support you as you implement BI. Choosing companies with a local presence, partners and excellent services and support, like Sangfor Technologies, will be of critical importance throughout the process.

Where is the hidden value?
“Reporting, dashboards, data integration, advanced visualisation, and end-user self-service are the most strategic BI initiatives underway in enterprises today.”

Dresner refers to things like data discovery, warehousing, mining and storytelling as “second-tier initiatives,” all of which are becoming increasingly essential and none of which are achieved without clear reporting, dashboards, integration and visualization. Clear reporting is the last step toward getting the most from BI.

Why Sangfor?
Getting the right support and buy-in is essential to using BI to its full potential for all departments. Products like Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM) provide the Business Intelligence your organization is searching for – and this is just the beginning of the functions that will guarantee the success of your digital transformation, the productivity of your employees and a safe and compliant work environment. Sangfor IAM combines BI with simple and intuitive reporting, data recording, unified network-wide and intelligent traffic and user management, application control and value-added services like convenient authentication and even an optional billing system for paid internet usage.

Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at www.sangfor.com and get in touch with Sangfor Technologies today to see what we can do to custom build IT solutions to keep you and your data secure and available.

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