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  • 10 Oct 2020

Partnership Formed between Sangfor Technologies & Sababa Security For Effective Corporate Network Security

During the 6th Edition of the CSET International Conference in Genova, Sababa Security announced its partnership with Sangfor Technologies, a global leading vendor of network security & cloud computing solutions. The goal of this coalition is to provide nextgen network protection technologies empowered by managed security services boosting their effectiveness.
Corporate network security experienced inequal evolutions across various verticals, so security experts have different expectations and requirements depending on their industries and locations. While some define network security as protection against unauthorized access to files and data, others focus on the firewall, antivirus, and botnet detection. With increasing attacks on the application layer, network security needs to evolve further to keep up with emerging threats.
In the cybersecurity world, a single point of protection such as a single firewall is no longer effective in defending the organization against advanced and sophisticated attack techniques. Sangfor's mission is to build a various set of security solutions with high integration among each other to target different sectors and industries that have different requirements and expectations. Moreover, an effective and efficient cybersecurity protection mechanisms should consist of people, process and technology. Sangfor's security solutions are not just focused on the technology part, but Sangfor pays more attention to the overall security status of the organization. With the help of security services along with security products, the maximum protection capabilities and minimum-security incidents would be assured.
"We are excited by this new partnership with Sababa Security. Security services were always something expensive not affordable by SMEs. But in Sangfor, we believe that every organization should be full protected against the rising cyber threats, especially with more and more people working from home during COVID-19. That’s where Sangfor Security Services come in, where customers can benefit from a high level of protection before, during, and after an attack", says Jason Yuan, VP of Sangfor International Product & Marketing.
At the same time, having a good cyber security technology in place is just one half of the story. For a technology to work at its maximum, it requires proper implementation, management, and monitoring. Therefore, Sababa Security is bringing an array of managed security services that complement and empower Sangfor’s technologies. Going together, they ensure that corporate network security works as effectively as possible as well as add to customers’ security visibility and confidence.
“In Sababa Security we are constantly monitoring the market of technologies, selecting the best from both technical and usability standpoints. With Sangfor’s technologies, that include NextGen Firewall, Endpoint Protection and Managed Detection Response (MDR), we address some of the most challenging threat vectors”, says Alessio Aceti, CEO at Sababa Security.
About Sangfor Technologies
Sangfor Technologies is a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing with a wide range of products and services including Next Generation firewall, Endpoint Protection, Managed Detection and Response, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, and others.
About Sababa Security
Sababa Security is the first Italian innovation cyber security vendor, that provides security products, training, and managed services. Founded in Milan in 2019, it develops, scouts for, and combines technologies to provide security solutions, matching the needs of diverse IT and OT networks.
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