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Hyperconverged Infrastructure of 2022

In 2022, there will certainly be an increased emphasis on simplicity, speed and visibility, making it the perfect environment for Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI, to dominate. HCI has proven valuable for enterprises in almost every scenario, from static businesses, to those shooting for astronomical growth. No matter the business or industry, HCI will play a big role in the upcoming year of continued digital transformation.

Let’s explore the concept of hyperconverged infrastructure, and what industry experts expect to see in the upcoming year, 2022. 

Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

ESG global research shows that the IT industry will be trending toward increased digital transformation and cloud adoption, and more modern security and applications. Research says that 87% of IT managers surveyed believe that HCI makes their digital transformation more agile, with 25% maintaining that HCI makes IT “significantly” more agile. HCI has been dominating in this arena, with a  Forbes article entitled “Modernized HCI Data Protection Practices Lead to Digital Transformation,” focused on the benefits of HCI in several scenarios, including:

  • Migration of existing workloads
  • Increased visibility and control over migration
  • Increased reliance on native file and block services
  • Moving data centers to the edge
  • Increased need for cloud disaster recovery

4 Key Hyperconverged Infrastructure Predictions for 2022

It’s no surprise that we expect to see many changes to hyperconverged infrastructure structure, pricing and adoption in 2022. There are simply too many options out there and too much versatility with the product to underestimate it. Let’s explore 5 HCI predictions for 2022, that you can expect to see in more enterprises and in many different scenarios.

1.Cloud-centric hyperconvergence

HCI started out as something of an alternative to cloud infrastructure, but hyperconvergence isn’t necessarily going to be competing with public cloud in the upcoming year. As more organizations are moving toward a cloud-first strategy, HCI is being used to maintain a strict control over all IT resources. The more cloud adoption we see, the more HCI reliance we expect to see. hyperconverged infrastructure vendors already see the value in making use of public cloud, which is trusted by many enterprises due to its manageability and flexibility, while expanding capabilities using hyperconverged technology that allows businesses to manage both environments seamlessly. 

2.More edge computing focus

Edge computing, or any computing located outside the cloud, is gaining traction due to its ability to keep processing closer to a company data source. More reliance on applications means more focus on the edge, where it is faster and more available to those who need it immediately. More IoT and smart devices mean an increase in edge computing, which will spur the continued adoption of HCI. The power and storage that hyperconvergence provides, in addition to the easy manageability and scalability will force enterprises to focus more on edge computing. We are already seeing quite a bit of HCI adoption for the manufacturing industry, autonomous vehicles and even smart cities. 

3.Cloud providers expand

Expect to see more traditional cloud vendors are going to be stepping into the HCI space, meaning HCI vendors will see increased competition from public cloud vendors like AWS and Microsoft. Some enterprises who are focused on running more modern applications from a variety of locations might want to stay exclusively with cloud, while enterprises running more traditional applications on a more modern infrastructure will gravitate toward HCI in 2022. Ultimately, this will allocate cloud to more specific scenarios, while hyperconverged infrastructure broadens its horizons.

4.More consumption-based pricing

HCI is a relatively mature model in 2022, meaning any updates or changes will be minimal and periodic. In such uncertain times, enterprises are seeking ways to ensure that they aren’t caught in a vendor lock-in trap, or paying for tools and technology that is well beyond their needs. HCI provides the consistent and controlled pricing and utilities that enterprises need in 2022

How will trends affect your organization?

Technology continues to evolve, growing and expanding to meet the expansive needs of every market, business and even country. More enterprises are focusing on simplifying their IT processes, making things more automated, predictable and safe. As more enterprises focus on providing a truly seamless customer experience, more businesses are leaning heavily on hyperconverged infrastructure to provide it. For more information on from the Hyperconverged Infrastructure experts at Sangfor Technologies, about how to enable your own digital transformation using hyperconverged infrastructure, contact Sangfor today. 


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