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University of Jember, Indonesia

Customer Background

The University of Jember (abbreviated as UNEJ or UJ) is the largest public university in the eastern part of East Java Province, located in the city of Jember.

Customer Challenges
To ensure the 8500 students can access the internal system like e-learning, library, and Internet using CAS Server authentication. They want to manage student bandwidth usage (instant messaging, emails, and social media) and control endpoint devices such as mobiles and tablets, as well as filter out unwanted applications and prohibited URLs. Their bandwidth is 1 Gb.

Sangfor IAM Solution

  1. Bandwidth management
  2. Authentication via CAS
  3. User Access Management: Avoid abusive usage by restricting access and devices
  4. Application Control: Protect organization against unauthorized applications
  5. URL Filtering: Monitor and control evasive activities
  6. Endpoint Control: Management of mobiles devices and tablets
  7. Advanced Report Centre: Accurate traffic reporting
  8. Content visibility and auditing: Instant messaging, emails, and social media